Combi Boilers versus Conventional Boilers

Purchasing a new boiler is a big decision - it’s the hot water and energy hub of your house which keeps everyone happy. Whether you had an old boiler which is past the point of…

Hard Water in Bristol

Bristol is a naturally hard water area, and this can clog up appliances so it’s worth bearing in mind when you consider how regularly to call a plumber. Is Water Naturally Hard or Soft? Rainwater…

Boiler services matter

Do you take your boiler for granted? You shouldn’t! Boilers work hard!  They keep you warm when the weather turns cold. They ensure you can have a hot bath or shower when you need one.…

Keep Living Spaces Living with Gas Safety

A Matter of Life and Death You would think that, when moving into a property, gas safety would be prioritised over redecorating and other such concerns. After all, no one is likely to die from…

Plumbing Equipment Buyers’ Guide

Plumbing issues are part and parcel of living and working in buildings. Leaks, clogs, drips. They happen. When they happen it’s far from fun and it can be costly. For major issues you’re going to…
Boiler Repairs

When will gas boilers be banned?

The government has announced that by 2025 all new homes will be banned from installing gas and oil boilers, to be replaced by low-carbon heating system alternatives. Why is the government banning gas boilers? The…

What does a gas engineer do?

Gas engineers work with a whole range of gas appliances in both domestic and commercial settings. They not only ensure that domestic gas systems are correctly installed and running smoothly but can be there in…

Boiler Installation - the facts

Even the most reliable boiler will not last forever, so consider having yours replaced by a professional.

How to prevent frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can be a big problem for homeowners. Find out what you can do to prevent them

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